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A website for your business can open your doors! Think about it. In today’s world everything is going electronic. People find the web as a much faster tool to obtain quick information precisely. Other companies will charge you many expensive dollars to just host your site. Whenever you need something changed it could be up to several weeks before any much needed information is changed. I am a freelance web designer where I am able to produce websites for small companies that are looking to expand their products or marketing services. Obtain your personal website today. I do not do a lot of work with "existing websites" or already registered domain names; unless I am the one who created it for you. For me to work on existing websites, the "design only plan" will be placed. For more efficent sites try leaving out alot of music / movie files. It is always best to have those remain out of your site to have your page run fast and at top quality. I can however, create links to those files if already stored online!

How it works: I can either design per page which is $50 per page. (Logo work is a seperate charge). You would be responsible for your own hosting, publishing the site, domain name and renewal. You will be emailed a zip folder containg the website where you would have to upload yourself to a FTP provider. After 30 days of being online and you need changes, it's only an art charge of $10 ( free if you are under a yearly plan) and I will re-send you the updated HTML page. Changes are done within 24 to 72 hours.

The most popular option is a plan where I bill yearly starting out at $300 a site. Includes a domain name, maintenance and hosting. After one year, it is only $10 a month to continue operating and keeping the website active, as long as there are no reoccuring updates and changes. You can make easy payments here on mywebsite or receive a bill in the mail once per year. During this time, I will take care of your publishing, hosting, domain name and renewal. If your website requires to have excessive monthly changing information such as: photos, artwork, or text an extra cost may apply. For any questions please feel free to call 480-215-3282 any day of the week!


Frequently Asked Website Questions
$300 A YEAR
Does the price include hosting fees?
Can I be billed once a year or per month?
Does the price include the Domain Name and renewal?
What is the charge to make changes or maintenance to my website?
$10 per page
No Fee
Is there a setup fee? If so, how much?
$50 per page
No Fee
How many pages can I have to my site?
$50 Per Page Designed
Any charge for proofs?
Pre-Payment Needed
How much text and photos can be added?
How long does it take to make changes?
72 hrs.
24 to 72 hrs.

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TERMS & CONDITIONS: You will approve all the work before final print. I am not liable for spelling, wording, layout or color errors. If you provide artwork you are in understanding the copyright laws. Websites may be pulled off the web for lack of payment or delinquent accounts. Website hosting fees vary depending on usage. I am 2002 Print Ed certified. ® References upon request. Chris Paradis Freelance Graphic Design and Website Design Services. Find all of your web design, logos, photo touch-up, digital photos fix, and other graphic design needs. Your nation wide freelance designer. © 2005 Chris W. Paradis Freelance Design Services. All rights reserved for